DressIt App, S.L. terms of service are in line with the EU GDPR. The EU GPPR is the provision that require businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states. The GDPR also regulates the exploration of personal data outside the EU and to provide EU citizens with suitable rules and regulations that guide customers as regards the usage of the website contents, purchase of goods and provision of services.

The following general terms of use and legal information (hereinafter, "Terms of Use") govern the use and access to the website and the corresponding mobile application (hereinafter referred to collectively as the "Platform" or "app") of DressIt App S.L. (hereinafter "DressIt").

In compliance with the EU GDPR adopted by the European Parliament in April, 2016, replacing the provisions of Article 10 of Law 34/2002, of the 11th of July, on the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, the following data pertaining to the owner of the Platform is outlined:

Registration, access and browsing on the Platform as well as downloading and installing the app implies a full and unreserved acceptance of these present Terms of Use on the behalf of browsers and platform users.

1. Object

DressIt is an online closet that aims to provide community members (hereinafter, the "Users") a platform and method for storing photos containing clothes or accessories and information about them, with the intention of making it easier for them to decide how to match their clothes

The present Terms of Use are intended to regulate the terms and conditions that apply to the provision and management of information provided through the platform and the services offered by DressIt. These conditions incorporate our Privacy Policy, accessible in

2. Sign-up, registration and user profiles

To be a user of the platform it is essential that the following requirements are met:

In the case where it is estimated that a user may be under 18 years old, DressIt reserves the right to require that the user provides evidence to society that he/she does have the age, if not and is less, the expressed permission of their parents or legal guardians to accept these Terms of Use and perform all actions that are available to them on the Platform.

The User guarantees that all data concerning the identity and legitimacy provided to DressIt on their registration forms of the Platform are truthful, accurate and complete. Also commits to keeping the data updated at all times. In the event that the User provides any false, inaccurate or incomplete data or if DressIt considers that there are grounds to doubt the truthfulness, accuracy and completeness of these, DressIt may deny access and present or future use of the platform or any of its contents and/ or services; likewise terminating the User and cancelling the account.

If the user subscribes through an account other social network / portal or internet service, he/she accepts the validity and effectiveness of all communications sent by DressIt to that account.

When registering on the Platform the user selects a user name and a password in the case of not registering through an existing social media account (currently Instagram or Facebook). If you register with a social media account you must allow the platform to access account information and you must choose a username (username) on the Platform.

Both the username and password, as the data of the social media account you use to access the platform (usually username, password and e-mail used to access said account) are strictly confidential, personal and non-transferable (collectively the "Access Keys"). The User agrees not to disclose these access keys or make them accessible to third parties. Since DressIt cannot guarantee the identity of registered users, the User shall be solely liable for use of Access Keys by third parties, including the findings made on the Platform or through the Platform, or any other action that is carried out by using the access keys.

Users are obliged to promptly disclose to DressIt the theft, disclosure or loss of the access keys, corresponding with DressIt via the email

Once registration is completed, any user can access your profile and complete and/ or edit as it deems appropriate, provided it complies with these present Terms of Use.

3. Unsubscribing of users and termination of services

Users may unsubscribe from the Platform at any time by sending an email to with the email subject "Unsubscribe" and including in the body of the email the username and e mail or username on the social media account used when registering on the Platform.

DressIt may suspend or terminate a User (and therefore choose to suspend or terminate this contract) (i) immediately if the user fails to comply with any requirement of the Terms of Use or (ii) immediately if DressIt stops providing the services offered through the Platform or (iii) if the user is idle for more than 6 months (in the latter case, you will be notified in writing 15 days before cancellation) (iv) any time and without stating any cause (by written notice sent 30 days prior to cancellation or suspension).

The fact that a user is unsubscribed or the user him/ herself unsubscribes involves the termination of the Terms of Use (although certain clauses may continue to have legal implications depending on the nature of such).

In the event of contract termination, the User agrees to (a) remove any copies they have of the implementation of the Platform and (b) to discontinue their use of the Platform. In addition, access to the User Account and all its contents will be deactivated and its contents removed, unless there are backups kept (which are used exclusively for data recovery or "back up" and legal defence within the interests of DressIt).

4. User Obligations

Users are solely responsible for the access to and proper use of their profile and other contents on the Platform, subject to the law, whether national or international, as well as the principles of good faith, morals, good customs and public order. Specifically but without limitation, they agree to diligently observe these Terms of Use.

Generally, users will refrain from using their profile and the remaining content and services of the Platform, for purposes or effects (a) other than to share photos, opinions and purchasing decisions on garments, clothing and fashion or (b) are unlawful or harmful to the rights and interests of others, or in any way damage, disable, affect or impair the Platform, its contents and services. It is also prohibited to use the platform in any way that prevents or hinders the proper functioning of the Platform or the normal use or enjoyment of the Platform to other users.

Users hereby agree to (including but not limited to):

Those who violate such obligations shall be liable for any loss or damage incurred. To the maximum extent permitted by the relevant law, DressIt will not be responsible for any consequences or damages that may arise from such access or illicit use by third parties.

Access to the platform may be refused by DressIt to those users who, in any way, violate the obligations or violate these present Terms of Use or any other legal text included in the Platform, such as the Privacy Policy

5. Content generated by the Users

Users may post photographs, opinions and comments on the Platform ("User Content").

In accordance with the provisions above, the Users guarantee that User Content does not infringe any intellectual property rights, the moral rights of any person or entity, or any trademark rights, privacy or image; and that they have obtained all necessary authorizations from the models, as well as data releases for the purposes of advertising, commercial or business of a similar nature, in compliance.

Users expressly acknowledge and agree that DressIt does not monitor, edit or control the User Content. Notwithstanding the foregoing, DressIt reserves the right to cancel, withdraw or not to publish, at any time and without notice to users, any User Content it deems, in its sole discretion, as unsuitable or that violates the present Terms of Use, the law or any rights of third parties.

6. Breaches / Complaints

Any User may inform DressIt when it considers that another user is violating these Terms of Use via email or by clicking the "Report" if available under the simbol "..." and marking or specifying the reasons why said photography or content specifically violates these present Terms of Use.

DressIt shall verify this report as soon as possible, and take the measures it deems appropriate, reserving the right to withdraw and/ or suspend any User of the Platform for breach of these Terms of Use. DressIt also reserves the right to withdraw and/ or suspend any User Content deemed illegal or offensive, without prior notice or subsequent notification.

7. Responsibility of DressIt

7.1. Functioning

The User is responsible for furnishing the services and equipment required to connect to the Internet and to access the Platform. In the event of any incident or difficulty accessing the Platform, the User can report to DressIt via email at, which shall analyse the incident and give instructions to the user on how to resolve it as soon as possible.

DressIt will not respond in cases of service interruptions, connection errors, unavailability or deficiencies in accesing Internet services or interruptions of the Internet or for any other reason beyond its control.

DressIt reserves the right to terminate your access to the platform at any time and without notice, either for technical reasons, security, control, maintenance, by power failure or any other cause.

7.2. Usage by the User and User Content

DressIt has no obligation to and does not control the use that Users of the platform make and therefore does not guarantee that users use the platform in accordance with the provisions of these present Terms of Use, or make diligent use and/ or prudent thereof. DressIt has no obligation to check and verify the identity of users or the accuracy, validity, completeness and/ or authenticity of the data they provide.

Consequently, DressIt is not responsible for the use that users make of the content of the Platform that may involve a violation of any rule, national or international, rights of intellectual property or any other third party rights. In particular, DressIt publishing cannot be held responsible, and expressly states that it is not identified with any of the User Content, the consequences of which are the sole responsibility of the issuer thereof.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, DressIt excludes any liability for damages of any kind that may result from the illicit use of the Platform by Users or that may result from the lack of veracity, completeness and / or authenticity of the information that users provide to other users about themselves, including but not limited to damages of any kind that may be due to the impersonation of a third party by a User in any kind of correspondence via the Platform.

Users assume all liability for the use of the Platform, being solely responsible for any direct or indirect effect on the Platform derived, including but not limited to, all economic, technical and/ or legal aspects, and the failure to meet expectations generated by this platform, compelling the users to release DressIt of all liability for any claims arising directly or indirectly from such facts.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, DressIt reserves the right to limit, in whole or in part, access to the Platform to certain users, and to cancel, suspend, block or remove certain types of content, using suitable technological tools the effect, if it had actual knowledge that the activity or information stored is unlawful or harms property or rights of a third party or is fraudulent. In this regard, DressIt may implement the necessary filters to prevent that via our service, illegal or harmful content be posted on the Internet.

8. Intellectual Property

DressIt is the owner or licensee of all intellectual and industrial property including all of the content accessible on it and through the Platform, including but not limited to texts, images, photographs, graphic design, navigation structure, information, source code, databases and any other contents included in the Platform.

User authorization for access, use of the platform and the services offered therein do not imply any transfer of intellectual or industrial property on it or such content except as mentioned below.

DressIt grants the User a limited license to access and make personal use of the platform and the services offered therein, also to download the mobile application. Such license only grants the essential intellectual property rights for the purpose of complying with these Terms of Use (right of use and unique reproduction of the mobile application in a single backup device) it is non-exclusive, global and its duration is limited only to the validity of the contractual relationship with DressIt users under these Terms of Use.

Any user who proceeds to share User content through the platform guarantees (a) free licensing to DressIt and the users of the Platform, pertaining only to the intellectual property rights necessary for the purposes of the platform and also for advertising purposes, promotional, educational and/ or identification of the platform (rights of public communication, reproduction in the platform and transformation for the sole purposes of adaptation/ editing content on the platform) on a non-exclusive basis, globally and for the maximum legal duration of the rights granted (b) they hold the rights necessary to do so and (c) will release DressIt of any responsibility for the content and legality of the information published and shall compensate them in the event of the breach of this warranty.

9. Links

On the Platform the User may find links to other websites operated by third parties. Establishing any links, redirections or associations ("links") to other websites (www) enabled from the Platform does not imply any kind of relationship, collaboration or dependency between DressIt and those responsible for the other websites and does not imply a guarantee to the user of DressIt of the content of said website.

10. Severability

If any of the clauses from these present Terms of Use should be nulled of full right or voidable, said condition shall be removed. Such a declaration of invalidity shall not invalidate the rest of the Terms of Use, which shall remain valid and effective.

11. Platform upgrade and modification

DressIt reserves the right to modify at any time without prior notice, the structure, configuration and design of the platform as well as these present Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Users should carefully read these Terms of Use to access the platform. In any case, browsing of and simple access to the Platform involves the acceptance of any amendment. An updated version of these Terms of Use will be available permanently on the Platform.

Also, DressIt reserves the right to make, at any time and without notice, upgrades, modifications or deletion of information contained in its platform in the configuration and presentation thereof along with the conditions of access, without assuming any responsibility for it. DressIt does not guarantee an interruption or error-free service when accessing the Platform or its content, nor that such information is always up to date, however, DressIt will perform, provided that no causes that make these impossible or difficult to execute and as soon as it becomes aware of the errors, disconnections or lack of updated content, all work required to correct such errors, restore communication and update contents.

12. Governing Law

The validity, execution and interpretation of these Terms of Use shall be governed in all respects by the Spanish laws. In the event of any conflict or discrepancy in the interpretation or application of these present Terms of Use for use of the Platform, the case will be submitted to the Courts of Madrid, Spain.

13. Updating the Terms of Use

In general these Terms of Use may be modified at any time without notice. Regarding the Users, they will be notified of the modification of the Terms of Use before such action takes place (30 calendar days prior if it affects policy data protection, 7 calendar days prior if it does not affect that clause). If the user does not accept the modification of the Terms of Use they should stop using the Platform before the modifications take place and should unsubscribe as a registered user, remove the mobile application and terminate validity of these Terms of Use.